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TV, LCD, plasma and LED service

At ARC TV we repair all makes and models of TV sets from small 9" TV’s to 60 plasma, LCD and big screen TV sets. We offer home service on those makes and models that can be repaired in the home and offer pick up and delivery on those makes that can't at a nominal charge.

It is better to repair some makes and models in the shop on the bench then trying to do it in the home. The reasons are it is often cheaper, faster and we can do a more thorough repair. When sets are repaired in the sometimes-cramped conditions of poorly lit homes, it is easy to miss things like loose solder connections or leaky capacitors. Things that might be your next need for service. We like to do preventive maintenance on your electronics as well. And remember you can save money by bringing it in to the shop if you are able to do so.

Please call for pricing as there are too many variables to publish a price on the web. Every problem can be different than the last. We always try to give a much better idea of what it might cost for your given TV problem.

We do not give free estimates as it costs money and takes time to really diagnose a TV problem. Most places that say they offer “Free service,” usually means that they basically make a best guess. They are not going to spend time and their money to really find out what is wrong with your electronics. We often have to order a part to know for sure what is wrong. And if the estimate is refused we have to pay a restocking fee for that part to be returned. So when we give a diagnosis, it is going to be more accurate then a mere best guess. We can give you a rough idea of what might be wrong though and that is usually all a free estimate is anyway.

We have been an authorized service center over the years for many different companies. And for the last three years we have received the Angie’s list Super Service Award given to the top 5% of companies in our category.

We repair everything from the latest models, to tube sets from the fifties. When we opened our doors in 1969 there were only tube TV sets. Since that time we have gone to solid-state sets. But we have never stopped repairing older Tube type TV sets and tube radios and phonographs.

We can even do some cabinet and speaker grill repairs as well on antique TVs and radios.

We offer installation of wall mounted plasma and LCD TV’s. We have perfected a way to safely mount LCD and Plasma TV sets on walls that have metal studs. A very risky thing to do if you do not do it right.

We even offer a service of putting a brand new LCD TV in your fine old wood TV cabinet.

Please call for a price as different models sizes and makes can vary in price.
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Exactly as described. Easy pick up. Thanks! May-02-12 17:10
Buyer: mrsv83(83)
Very nice eBayer with fast transaction and nice items. Apr-25-12 21:38
Buyer: flight2cts(101235)

Had a great experience with ARC fixing my 10 year old 50" Mitsubishi rear projection TV. The TV was turning off after brief periods of use and the color was looking a bit muddy....
I service computers but I don't service televisions. A client called me and asked if I could help with his inoperative 55" tv....

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