Tape / Film to DVD Duplication / Transfer Service

DVD to DVD Price List.

(This list is just for copying a DVD to another DVD regardless of how long running time is. No editing can be done at high-speed copying) There is no loss of quality at high-speed copying.

1 copy $10.00
2-5 copies $8.00 each
6-20 copies $6.00 each
21-100 $5.00 each
101-250 $4.00 each
251 & up $3.00 each

Price includes blank stock and plastic jewel case.

Labels are $.75 each

Other Formats to DVD

DVD made from Beta, VHS, VHS C, 8mm tape, Digi8, mini DV, 3/4 inch and VHS PAL.

This is also the pricing for VHS to VHS copies. Once a master is made then use the DVD to DVD price list above for multiple copies.

1st hour $20.00 per tape
2nd hour $25.00 per tape
3rd. hour $30.00 per tape

Exceptions are film to Beta SP or DV cam. See below for those prices

Discounts available for orders of 10 or more. Not good with any other discounts

Beta SP or DV cam to DVD

$85.00 per hour

Special notes:

We can play all region DVDs, so they can be recorded.
We can play 8mm Pal on or Samsung camcorder in the SP mode only
We cannot make Pal DVD or Pal Mini DV. We can make a PAL VHS though
We cannot make copies of DVD’s or VHS tapes that have an FBI warning on them.


Costs $60.00 per hour. Combining a short DVD or Video tape (five or so minutes) to a DVD costs $15.00. Longer DVDs or tape combining though is $60.00 per hour because on DVD someone has to sit that and watch it and make sure it stops at the right point.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Movie Film to DVD transfers

Super 8 (With sound) and Reg 8mm film transferred to DVD.

1 to 16 Minutes $95.00
17 to 30 minutes $110.00
30 minutes to 60 minutes $125.00

16mm Film

1 to 16 Minutes $125.00
17 to 30 minutes $165.00
30 minutes to 60 minutes $185.00

This is for the actual finished running time. It is not the time it takes to make a DVD, as that would be much longer. Film transfers are the hardest thing we do because someone has to sit there the whole time as films can break or jump. We usually only put two hours of film on a DVD as the quality can suffer after 2 hours.

How long is my film?

8mm film

3 inch reel 50 ft 3-4 minutes
4 inch reel 100 ft 7-8 minutes
5 inch reel 200 ft 14-16 minutes
6 inch reel 300 ft 21-24 minutes
7 inch reel 400 ft 28-32 minutes

16mm film

3.5 inch reel 100 ft 2-3 minutes
5 inch reel 200 ft 5-7 minutes
6 inch reel 300 ft 8-11 minutes
7 inch reel 400 ft 11-14 minutes
9 inch reel 600 ft 16-22 minutes
10 inch reel 800 ft 22-29 minutes
12 inch reel 1200 ft 33-44 minutes
14 inch reel 1600 ft 44-59 minutes

Note: Variances are due to if it is sound or not.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Audio to CD transfers

Cassette, Reel to reel to CD $18.00 per hour
Phono Record to CD $18.00 per hour
Answer Machine or phone
recording to CD $18.00 per hour

Note: You can only get 80 minutes on a CD

We can also transfer a wave file to CD as well

Photo and slide copies to DVD
Slides of photos to tape or DVD
Slides to VHS or DVD $1.00 per slide
Photos to VHS or DVD $1.25 per photo

Minimum $50.00 can go lower if over 300 slides or photos.

Music can be added for $20.00

All tape copies are taxable per the state as the say we are manufacturing a product. Even if you bring in a blank tape.
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