The Scotts


As spring approaches and the days get warmer and longer, I can’t help thinking back to when I grew up in Culver City. I lived in a house that was very clean and very in order. No dirt anywhere, if ever there was a bathroom floor you could eat off of it, would be my mom’s, in fact my mom believed if you were going to clean a floor you would do it on your hands and knees so you could really see the dirt. Nope, there would be no mops in her house. I liked to play outside in the dirt with my fleet of trucks but when I did, they would all have to be cleaned before I brought them back in the house to be put carefully back into my bedroom on display. Of course that took all the fun out of it. But, everything was in order including the tools in my dad’s workshop all neatly hung on pegboard and free of rust.

But my childhood friend’s home, the Scotts, was about as opposite as you could get from mine. Maybe it was the sheer quantity of boys in the house or just that they were different than my family and me.

Their parents were Wilma and Harry and their kids Andy the oldest, then Madaline the only daughter, Mike, who was in my grade in school and lastly Paul the youngest. Harry had the distinction of working at the nearby MGM studios and one night sitting in their living room, drinking Irish whisky, was none other than Richard Harris, both being the Irish lads that they were.

Now while I was sort of a wuss they were all rough and tumble kind of kids. While they all were going to play football, I was going to be in track. And for good reason, because being a wuss lent itself at times to the necessity of being able to out run anyone, including my dad.

Yes, they lived in a completely different environment than what I was used to. While I was the kind of kid who would build models and preserve them and hang them up on the wall or put them carefully on a shelf, the Scotts would build things for an entirely different reason, to blow them up. Fire crackers and bang site seemed to be perpetually in abundance. The yard was sprinkled with the carcasses of models and things long since mangled, broken, burnt and destroyed. Now while my room had everything in place and the bed neatly made each and every day by my mom, the Scotts looked more like the Hindenburg had just landed. While my electric trains cars were neatly put back in each and every box when not in use, theirs were thrown all together in the corner of a closet. While my dad’s garage was clean and swept up, their garage was full of stuff, the garage door long since having served a useful life and held up with a two by four, tools rusting and scattered about. My bicycle was clean and polished while theirs were made up of parts from several different years the fenders long since having been removed or as they would say, “modified” a word that held a lot of meaning when you were seven. I didn’t know it then but this was a precursor to what their cars would look like when we reached our teens.

And they played these interesting games with each other like, who ever had the remote control had power over the TV set. And so that person would wait till everyone got interested in a show, then switch the channel on purpose and no one could say a thing about it ‘cause that was the rule.
So it was a wonder to me how differently people lived and I actually cherished their freedom to not give a fig about objects. Now their mother, Wilma, would try to keep some semblance of order but I think by the third boy she had just given up. The one and only thing that she could instill in them was not to use a cuss word, so “sugar” would be bandied about quite often in its place. They also had an unusual rule I thought, if you found money lying on the side walk, you had to split it with the person you were with. And on at least two occasions Mike reluctantly split the find with me.

Now Wilma, could not own a possession that the boys had not marred or messed up in some way. But, she did have these two prized sconces that sat up high above the fire place with hand-blown antique glass covers. And once while Wilma was away, we were all sitting in the living room as Paul notienatley was throwing a baseball up against the wall. And, well, he hit one of the globes and broke it. A panic filled the room and the decision was made to board our bicycles and head to the Five and Dime store to replace it. It was always fun to go somewhere, other than to school, on your bicycles especially if you were on a mission and since she was coming home that very afternoon this was a mission of highest import.
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They had a drive way that sloped down to the street about ten feet at the end and we all considered leaving their house down the drive way as taking off on an aircraft carrier. And at the end,

just below the slope, Mike would always lift off the front end of his bike as if to take off, but this day when he came down, the handle bars broke in two and he ended up landing on that part of your body that no boy wants to land on. And after several minutes of over dramatic moaning and groaning, we did what needed to be done and had fashioned a new handle bar out of a wooden broom, duck tape and pipe clamps. One might have thought he would have been more careful as brother Paul had done the exact same thing not two months before.

I always hated to go to the Five and Dime with them as they always thought ahead and had some money to spend. And they inevitably would spend it on a pea shooter and peas, which they would then proceed to shoot at me. Nothing like a wet pea hitting you in the back of the neck.

Now what we found at the Five and Dime was not even remotely close to the fine vintage globe that had been broken, but there was always enternal hope that she just would not notice. Upon arrival, she just new walking in the living room that something was amiss, she could just feel it in the air, and then noticed it, the un-matched globes. She broke out in a quite whimper that continued to escalate as she said, “I can’t have anything nice in this house.” Which ended up in a loud shrill followed by, “Who done it.” All eyes pointed to Paul. I couldn’t help thinking that was probably better that it was him as he was the baby of the family and had the notoriety of the one who fell out of his high chair and landed on his head when he was little. Perhaps, I thought, that might still carry some weight.

But the one thing we had in common that bound us together, as different as we were, was the fact that we were all Catholics. And so it was that each Thursday after school at Betsy Ross Elementary all us Catholic children were rounded up and greeted at the exit gate by the nuns who would cart us off for religious training. This wouldn’t have been as bad if there had been a few cute girls in class but I guess they were all Baptists or Lutherans. One lady who often would pick us up in her station wagon had a young child that would stare at us the whole way to church and her car had that strong smell of crackers. I thought the whole way that I hoped I did not have to have kids when I got older. And on Saturday mornings we would again be sent back to church for more religious training. The Saturday roundup was the worset as after the training we would be sent into the church to sing religious songs, the last thing a young boy would want to be doing on a Saturday afternoon.

The outcome of all this effort would be our first communion and then later, confirmation. Now I had Jewish friends and I liked the idea of the Bar Mitzvah. It at least seemed to have a purpose, where, as I understood it, you were to put away your children’s toys and now were to become a man. Confirmation was not like that, it was all about becoming a soldier of God. They didn’t issue us arms or anything but still we were soldiers of God.

Now I know things are different in the Catholic Church. We can now eat meat on Fridays, the worst day of the week for me because back then we would always have to eat fish. And my mom, all though a great cook, well, fried fish was not her strong point. In fact every Friday I would get a headache from the smell. They did come out with fish hot dogs for us Catholics, which always seemed to be cheating somehow, but they also tasted like fish. And it might have been a different experience if they actually taught some morals. But even Sunday mass was given in Latin and I had no idea what they were saying.

So it was my fate that I would become friends with the Scott’s and spend time at the house where you could do just about anything. I could do all the things that you couldn’t do at my house. You could even put your feet up on the couch and not have to put down the toilet seat. Years later when I joined a fraternity I realized how wonderful that kind of freedom really is because it was just like living there.

And these days, I have a completely different view of the Scotts because my daughter and her husband, three boys and one girl have come to live with me. There are now broken toys, parts of army soldier arms, bullets and just about anything else you can find in the flower beds. I have lost count of how many windows I have had to replace and some of my tools, if I can find them, have a coat of rust on them. I am waiting for the day when my daughter, like Wilma, just gives up. Any minute now, any minute.


The end


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William Czappa

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