June 2007 

Bill Czappa Education: Mostly Self Taught 
Santa Monica College.
2800 N Frederic. 
Burbank Ca. 91504
Degree: AA in Art. 
Studio (818) 846-5820 
FAX (818) 848-4036 
E Mail
Birth date:

Birth place:

July 22, 1947

Los Angeles Ca.


Materials and Methods/Technical Aspects

Working knowledge and application of the following: 

1. Construction:

a. Framing 
b. Plastering 
c. Plumbing 
d. Electrical 
e. Brick laying 
f. Cement work 
g. Ship building 
h. Jack hammer operator

2. Drawing: 
a. Pencil/charcoal/pastel 
b. Calligraphy 
c. Sign making


  3. Metal Working:

a. Metal working equipment 
b. Shaping and grinding 
c. Sanding and finishing 
d. Polishing 
e. Arch welding

4. Painting: 
a. Oil 
b. Acrylic 
c. Spray painting 
d. Wood finishing/staining 

5. Print making: 
a. Silk-screen 
b. Block printing 
c. Lithography

  6. Plastics:

a. fiberglass 
b. Coating and casting resin 
c. Sheet plastic

7. Sculpture: 
a. Carving 
b. Mold making 
c. Casting

8. Wood working: 
a. Wood shop equipment 
b. Power and hand tools 
c. shaping and finishing




Selected Major Shows 
2008 Showings 

2005 Showings 

2004 Showings 




2003 Showings 



1999 Showings 

1997 Showings 



Magic Castle 
Hollywood Ca. 

Colony Theater

Burbank Ca. 

Folk Tree Gallery

Valley Arts Council 

Madird Theater

Lanekershim Gallery 

Lakershim Gallery  "It's a Small World" 

Sharing Space IV 

Colony Theater 

Valintino's Gallery 
Venice Ca. 

Celebrity Center International. 
Los Angeles CA.


Group Show 9 pieces Shown 


One man show 22 pieces shown 

"Day of the Dead" 1piece shown

"Valley Art Tour" Opening  
reception 1 piece shown

1 peice shown

Goupe show 3 pieces shown 

Two pieces shown.  

Winners of the national call to artist. 2 pieces shown.

One man show.  14 pieces shown.

Group show. Nine pieces shown.  

Garden Festival. Group show. Seven pieces shown

1995 Showings        
January   Artopia Gallery 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "Assembled in America." One man show. 10 pieces shown.
January   Hartog Gallery 
Miracle Mile Los Angeles Ca.
  "Carnival". Benefit for Justiceville Homeless USA. Group show ten pieces shown. Sponsored by Gloria Allred & McCann Erickson Agency.
1994 Showings        
July    Hartog Gallery 
Miracle Mile, Los Angles Ca. 
  "Paradigm of Ten". Group show 8 pieces shown.
1993 Showings        
June   Art Store Gallery 
Studio City Ca.
  "Selected works form the 70's, 80's and 90's". One man show. 23 pieces shown. 


July   Celebrity Center International 
Los Angles Ca.
  "Worlds Art Festival." Group show 2 pieces shown. 


November   Polish Consulate L A 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "Integrations". Group show 2 pieces shown.
November    Toporowicz Gallery 
Laguna Beach Ca.
  "Selected works form the 80's and 90's". One man show. 25 pieces shown.
1990 Showings        
January    Union Gallery 
University of Arizona 
Tucson Arizona.
  "Toxic Shock Exchange". Group installation show with Laura Lee Coles and Edward Goldstein.
1989 Showings        
January   Site Gallery 
Culver City Ca.
  "In case of Emergency 2". Group show. 1 piece shown.
1988 Showings        
October   Los Angeles Convention Center 
Los Angeles Ca.
  L A Art Expo 88. LA's Cutting edge artists. Group show. 1 piece shown.
1987 Showings        
February   Tortue Gallery 
Santa Monica Ca.
  Benefit, Group show. 1 piece shown.
December   Richard Bennett Gallery 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "Salon Des Independants". Group show. 1 piece shown.
1984 Showings        
July   Angeles Gate Cultural Center 
San Pedro Ca.
  "Art With a Social Conscience". Group show. 1 piece shown.
1983 Showings        
March   Orlando Gallery 
Sherman Oaks Ca.
  Group show. 1 piece shown.




March 28, 2009   "First Angel"   Featured Article about "The Long Way Home."
August 20, 2008   "Burbank Leader"   Feature Article by Alison Tully
August 2007   Highlights "High Five"   Featured Article by Liz Goulet Dubois.
January 1994   Piast News   Featured Article by Elizibeth Libel.
April 1994   Out In The Hood 
  Feature Article by Thomas Brennan.
December 1993   Burbank Leader   "One Mans Gift". Feature Article by Joyce Rudolph.
January 1990   Tucson Weekly   "Waste Not Want Not". Feature Article by Jonathan Kandell.
January 1990   Arizona Daily   Feature Article by Karen Idelson.
January 1990    Arizona Daily   Feature article by Dave Dozoretz.
January 1990   Tucson Community 
Cable Corp.
  Feature video and interview of "Toxic Shock Exchange".  By Susan K Tiss. Shown on various cable networks in the US.


Works in Major Collections


2008   "Pressed Duck"   Diane and Charley Muir, Helinsdale, CA
2007   "Suspense" Study for Suspense   Ralph Roehl Dun Eden, Fl
2003   "Almost a Royal Flush" Sculpture   Derek Wong Glendale Ca. 
2002   "Waterfall" painting   Gary Johnson El Paso TX
2001   "Elsworthy Kelly paint my Number"   Tom MacLean San Fransisco Ca.
"Triptych" wall sculpture
  Arona Offenbetger Australia
2001   "Idaho Sunset" Painting   M.B Powel WI.
2000   Light Sculpture Chandelier   Sylvie Farrell
Mahopac, NY
1995   "This Great Moment in Time"  
Nelson Wolther  
Upper Brookville New York
1993   "Always Remember"   Russell and Kathy Andrade Brentwood, CA
1991   "The Hitch Hiker"   Rebecca Horn. Germany
1988   "In Case of Emergency"   Richard Raplh Roehl. Clearwater, FL
1987   "Top Secret   LACE. Hollywood, CA

Winning Contest Entries
    Work Entered   Name of Contest
7-10-09   1st Place: "A Never Ending War"   What is Wrong with the World Today
6-08-09   1st Place: "The Last Supper"   Spiritual Expressions
12-15-2008   2nd Place: "Spruce Goose"   All About Planes


Unsolicited Performance Sculptures 

December 1990    MOCA  
Los Angeles Ca.
  "The Hitch Hiker". The is a traveling unsolicited sculpture sent by MOCA to Germany.
December 1989   MOCA 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "The Big Secret". One unsolicited performance Sculpture. Where-abouts unknown.
December 1988   MOCA 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "In Case Of Emergency 1". One unsolicited performance sculpture. Destroyed by MOCA With Artists permission.
December 1987   LACE 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "Top Secret". One unsolicited performance sculpture 

In LACE collection.

December 1986   LACE 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "To Be Opened by Someone Who?". One unsolicited performance sculpture. In Artists collection.
December 1985   LAICA 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "The Bomb". One unsolicited performance sculpture. Whereabouts unknown.
December 1984   LAICA 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "You'll Be Sorry". One unsolicited performance sculpture. Where abouts unknown. In artists collection.
December 1983   LAICA 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "Stolen Purse". Unsolicited performance sculpture. In artists collection.
December 1982   LAICA 
Los Angeles Ca.
  "Pick Pocket Xmas Card". Unsolicited performance sculpture. In artists collection.