ARC TV was originally H &G TV, which opened in 1965. It was located at 1310 W. Magnolia. In 1983 a long time employee of H&G, Bill Czappa, bought out, the then owner Hy Gale who was looking to retire.

Bill expanded the business and the shop also became a place for him as owner, to display his artwork of found object sculptures. It soon became apparent that they started running out of room and would not be able to put one more TV set in that small 600 square foot shop, let alone repair big screen TV sets which were becoming popular and more affordable.

They left that small shop and moved to the current location at 2529 W. Magnolia, now having nearly three times more space. They had for the first time a large show room and plenty of space to now only repair more items like big screen TV sets, but also microwave ovens as well.

The popularity of the store increased steadily due to the high quality of the work, speed of service and the right affordable pricing. Bill, also a writer included his personally humorous short stories in his self – published twice a year newsletters. His stories landed him a column in the Burbank Leader newspaper and many more were published over the years in The Tolucan Times newspaper as well. Over twenty-five have been published to date.

He wrote several other articles. One of which is titled “Why fix things.” (Copy can be found on this web site) and “TV is free again.” “Why fix things”, became very popular and was eventually picked up on various other websites.

To generate new customers, Bill put out a letter and the envelope simply read, “More Junk Mail.” Over the years various modifications of this theme brought in hundreds of new customers. Another variation that was successful was “Junk Mail, no need to open, discard as is.”

Bill’s artwork collection also expanded over the many years and now fills the walls of the TV shop and sculptures are found among the TV sets that are on display as well. The newest work is always in the large front window for all to see as they pass by. The shop and gallery has now been open for over 27 years, and is free to the public, and has become sort of a local attraction and it is the oldest art gallery in Burbank and most likely the whole valley as well.

The shop continues to expand into new areas, DVD duplication being one of our most popular services that we offer. We are one of the few shops that also do Audio copies as well.

Because the shop is so unusual it has been used in several student films and most recently in the TV show, “Man Up”. Being a family run and operated business, with Bill having four grandchildren, it is likely to be in business for a very long time.
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Exactly as described. Easy pick up. Thanks! May-02-12 17:10
Buyer: mrsv83(83)
Very nice eBayer with fast transaction and nice items. Apr-25-12 21:38
Buyer: flight2cts(101235)

Had a great experience with ARC fixing my 10 year old 50" Mitsubishi rear projection TV. The TV was turning off after brief periods of use and the color was looking a bit muddy....
I service computers but I don't service televisions. A client called me and asked if I could help with his inoperative 55" tv....

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