Finding Ginger

I think it important to mention that sometimes my stories are made up or embellished but I have to say this one is an entirely true story. It took place just after the holidays and I was at a friend's house for a party. I was showing off one of my new artworks there and we were having a few drinks. Well, all was going fine till this girl walks in the room and our eyes met, well more like locked. She was my ideal idea of a woman. Her tight, short, silky, lacy, frilly, black dress left nothing to the imagination. Her curves were in all in the right places and exactly the right size. Her clothes seemed to be enjoying themselves. She looked like a mixture of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, Carmen Electra, Sherilyn Fenn from the movie Boxing Helena, and several girls I had known in college. She was one of those girls a little on the short side, not bony, that had a little baby fat. She also had fantastic green eyes. I tried to make the perfect woman once with Photoshop. I scanned in those three women together but when I was done it looked like Betty White.

I asked a friend who she was and he said, "That's Ginger, she's getting divorced." Well as the evening progressed she seemed to be well attended but I could not help notice her furtive glances and eventually I ended up talking to her. She was fascinated with the artwork I had brought. As we talked I could tell we would become an item. She said she loved how the work not only gave off smoke and had moving parts but she really loved my creative use of pasta.

Later I ended up in another room of the house and discovered my friend Brian was concerned that we had been spending too much time together. It was apparent he was very interested in her as well. I said, "Brian, aren't you happily married?" He said, "But just look at her." There was another guy following her to with that lustful look in his eye. I asked who he was and Brian said "Oh that's her brother." As Ginger came back in the room I then became aware that every guy in the room was looking at her, even Tipper and he was gay. As the party continued Ginger and I kept trying to find a place to be alone. We walked casually from room to room chatting but every room we went through guys were hoping to have some time with her and their girlfriends or wives seemed to be annoyed.

We finally found a secluded place in the foyer and she said, "I am sorry about that" (meaning all the attention from the other guys), "I am a bit of a flirt. But I think there is something very special about you." She said this while looking deep in my eyes and I just grabbed her and kissed her deep and long. We then held each other and she started to lick my ear. I wanted to kiss her again but she just kept it up. Then suddenly I woke up, my dog Muffin was licking me trying to wake me up as I was late. As I drove to my studio I could not help thinking how real this dream was. I couldn't get her out of my mind.

A week went by and then I got a call from a collector, he said he wanted to see my work and I set up an appointment for him to come in. I said, "Fine, how about Thursday?" Thursday's always a good day for an appointment, it's not the beginning of the week and if it goes bad you have Friday and the weekend to get over it.

He arrived and with him was his wife, Ginger. She was the girl I had just dreamed about. He introduced me to her and I shook her hand but she held my hand a little longer then was comfortable since her husband was standing right there. I just could not break the stare that we mutually were embracing. I knew it was her and wondered if she knew as well.

He said his wife had seen my work online and wanted to see it and show it to me in person. As I showed him the piece Ginger was most interested in (the one she liked in my dream) she was fondling him but flirting with me in the most obvious manner. She rubbed her hand up and down his arm standing real close and posing. She excitedly told him how the piece produced smoke, had moving parts and she loved the clever use of pasta.

Then she asked to use the ladies room. Jack then said "That was a show just for you, you know. Don't worry though, we're getting divorced. We will always be friends but we can't get along. The final papers will be signed next week. Somehow she got really interested in you and your work about a week ago; she just can't stop talking about it."

When Ginger returned he told her he was buying the piece for her as a divorce gift. She was ecstatic. He then said, "I have another appointment. Why don't you get to know each other and show her the rest of your work and if you wouldn't mind could you drive her home? We live near here in Toluca Lake." I said I would be glad to and he left. I casually put up the closed sign and turned off the phone.

As I strolled with her around my studio showing her the rest of my work she put her hand around my arm and stood very close, taking every possible chance to look deep in my eyes with a look that said, "I'm all yours." I finally could not take it any longer and just pulled her close to me and gave her a deep long kiss. We embraced and as we did I could smell her hair, but it smelled a little like doggy shampoo. This was confusing but somehow I didn't mind. She began to lick my eyelids. I thought "Well this is interesting" and as she continued to lick them I woke up. Muffin, my dog, was trying to wake me up, as I was late for work.

On the way to the studio I was still thinking of her and as I came to a stoplight I looked in the Lexus next to me and there she was. She turned; saw me and I could tell she was surprised to see me to. We both knew that what happened, had happened. As the light turned she gave me a little wave and I waved back. Her husband was driving, they turned left and I never saw her again. His license plate read "Woof Woof."

But I could still hear her hot, sultry sexy voice in my head when she described my piece - "I love how it produces smoke, has moving parts, and that ever so clever use of pasta."

The End

William Czappa
All rights Reserved

The Editor,

Well, we have missed sending a couple of newsletters out. We always like to send at least two a year. But the economics of the situation has changed all that. It costs around $4,000.00 to send it to our ever-growing mailing list. We tried to get people to give us their email addresses in earlier newsletters and only 10 people sent them in. We even considered allowing people to contribute to the newsletter guaranteeing that they would get one. So sure, send us some money. But the fact is many small businesses are in deep trouble. I talk to other businesses owners and I hear the same story, they are having to borrow from savings to keep the doors open hoping to ride out the storm. And eventually you run out of savings, then what? I even asked our city council for assistance and one council member said he was in the same boat. Shops are holding back on hiring and those left have to work long hours to make up for the lack of help.

So if you don't hear from us as often check in at our new and improved web address and if we can't send a newsletter by mail it will at least be there waiting for you. And if you move out of town you can always get the newsletter that way too. And remember every time you use our service we move you to the top of the list. So if we cannot afford to send a newsletter to every one you will be in the mix.

And please let us know if you are getting two or would prefer not to get one as well. Either email us or leave your address on our 24-hour answering machine.

How can you help small businesses?

You can help by supporting them. That keeps the money circulating in our town instead of another state or sending it out of country. And tell people when you are happy about a business you have used by giving a report on Angie's list or Yelp and other search engine sites. Not only does that help your neighbors find a good place but helps those businesses stay in business.

Some good news!

We were again awarded on Angie's List as one of the top 5% companies in our field and the citizens of Burbank listed us as the Best of Burbank 2012 appliance service and repair. And you may have seen the shop in several scenes on a new TV show called "Man Up" (unfortunately they got cancelled). And an art book publisher is going to produce a book of all my art and sell it worldwide. That will be at the shop and on Amazon in about three months.

Caution, LCD, LED and Plasma displays are fragile.

We are getting three calls a week now from people who have cracked their displays. Just a bedroom slipper thrown at your screen is enough to damage the screen and it is not usually economical to replace one. Plasmas have glass in front and are safer, but they are being damaged as well.


We are finding people buying Blu-ray Players who don't have a HDTV set? The main purpose of a Blu-ray is that you get a Hi definition picture on your HDTV. But if you don't have an HDTV then it is a waste of money. There is another advantage though in that when you go to the video store if they are out of a standard video but still have a Blu-ray version you can play either. Also many Blu-ray players give you the option of WI-FI and Netflix etc. You can also get that built into your newer HDTV set too. We recommend getting it through the Blu-ray player though. And again, if you don't hook it up with an HDMI cable then you will still not be getting full HDTV. Same with your cable or satellite connection. For full HDTV you have to use an HDMI cable.

Transferring to DVD

Don't forget that we also can put photos and slides on DVD. People are concerned that their home movies and audiotapes will go bad and eventually they will, especially audiotape. But a copy can go bad too so you should always have your most valuable DVDs recopied before they deteriorate about once every 5 years. And you should always have a master copy that you do not use because once it is scratched that is it.

Small appliances

We have been repairing small appliances like toasters, hair dryers, heaters, fans, mixers, lamps and more for years now. Check out the full list on our new web site or just give us a call. Many items just need a new cord, socket or thermal fuse, cleaning or lubing and are totally save-able, and as with most items older ones are probably made better.

Should I buy new or repair the old?

If you already have a decent working TV and are happy with it then get all you can out of it unless you have money to burn. The cost of repairing the new stuff is sometimes more money. Yes the cost is coming down on new sets and on repairs too but as we have seen in the past soon as the costs comes down so does the quality and longevity.

If you do want to buy a new one always stay with a major brand. Don't be fooled with the cheap prices of off-brand TV sets that may not have service or parts available. Over all we think LG (Zenith) is the best considering everything. After all they are the last partially American-owned Company.

Remember our stock is fresher and we have beat Costco, Best Buy and Wal-Mart prices on new TV sets, not to mention that we know what we are talking about. And our re-built TV sets are a fine option. We maintain a stock of older Tube type TV sets for people who cannot afford the new stuff. We also keep in stock VCRs as well since you can only buy them now with a DVD attached and no tuners.

Cable is changing.

Many cable companies are going to stop sending the analog signal which means that every TV set will now have to have a cable box attached. What that means is that if you still use a VCR to record your programs you will not be able to time record one show on one channel then another on another channel at a later time. Unless you have two cable boxes and two VCRs. Charter has told us they will be canceling the analog signal every local zip code in Burbank by March.

All the Things we do
TVs & Plasma, LCD   We make home service calls or bring it in and save. We offer pick up and delivery at a nominal charge too. We are a Zenith and LG authorized service and sales center. We also install Plasma and LCD TV sets on walls.
VCRs & DVDs   All makes including 3/4" professional machines, beta and time lapse. From head cleaning to a full rebuilding, our service is fast and efficient. One day DVD & VCR cleaning.
Stereo & Audio   All makes and models serviced. CDs, cassettes, tuners & amps. We also specialize in repairing record players and tube amps too. We also fix speakers and answering machines.
Microwaves   We repair all makes and models of microwave ovens and do house calls on built-ins.
Computers & Printers   We repair computers, printers, and laser printers and fax machines.
Antennas & HDTV   We repair and install HDTV antennas, repair and run inside cable lines, and hook up TVs, VCRs, stereos and surround sound systems. We are HDTV antenna experts.
Sales New and Used   We sell new and rebuilt TVs, VCRs, and stereo equipment. We are a Zenith, LG, RCA, JVC, Mitsubishi and Samsung dealer and sell Panasonic, Toshiba and many other makes. Check our prices on Plasma and LCD HDTVs. Our prices are competitive with the big guys and our equipment is often newer. We also custom install new sets in your old fine wood TV cabinet.
Audio & Video Rentals   We rent, slide, 16mm film and overhead projectors. Video projectors, Big screen TVs, DVDs, VCRs Camcorders, Amps, mics, flip charts and more for weddings, parties, sports events and sales training meetings.
Tape Duplicating   We make copies of tapes (most formats, even European) and copies of your old 8mm or 16mm movie film to tape or DVD. They make great gifts. We also make audio copies from phono, to Cassette or CD. Make copies and save your memories.
Lamps & Small Appliances   We fix lamps of all sorts, toasters, hair dryers, curling irons, phones, flat irons any many other odd items - just call and ask. We once repaired a bird incubator.
Ebay posting   We will post items for you on Ebay. We find out how much the item might sell for, photograph it, make sure the money gets collected, package and then ship it for you. With our knowledge and over 2700 positive feedback rating we can get top dollar for your goods.
E-waste Drop off   We are an authorized E-waste drop off center. You can always drop off your broken TVs, stereos, printers or anything electronic for safe re-cycling. Nominal charge for local pick up.
Art & Short Stories   We are the oldest art gallery in Burbank showing the internationally sold California assemblage sculptures of Bill Czappa. Gallery open daily. Visit his web site, to see the work. Pick up a copy of his book of all his short stories now offered in a real book format for only $15.00 or find it on
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Had a great experience with ARC fixing my 10 year old 50" Mitsubishi rear projection TV. The TV was turning off after brief periods of use and the color was looking a bit muddy....
I service computers but I don't service televisions. A client called me and asked if I could help with his inoperative 55" tv....

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