The Czappa Endowment

   The Czappa Endowment has been formed and it first project is to award citizens in the arts community that have "Committed an act of random art kindness." Anyone is eligible so if you know someone who has been especially considerate to artists and would like that person to be considered please send me the story for consideration.

   Each person chosen will receive a special artwork created for the Czappa Endowment especially for the endowment. The artwork piece is called, "Suspense," seen below.

    "Suspense" is a limited edition of 50 numbered and signed artworks. Some of them will be set aside for sale. Others will be posted on the web site and the winners will be posted there as well.

    Numbers one to ten will be sold for $500.00 a piece and others that are not earmarked for a receiver of this award will be sold for $200.00. Because the lotto scratchers change continuously each piece is unique (and those awarded will be personalized with the recipients name on the check) and in fact, if giving one for a gift, the check in the piece can be made out for cash or for the person who you are giving it to and will be made fresh as needed.

Winter 2009 Winner...

This year's endowment award goes to one of my Santa Monica College professors, Don Emery. An artist in his own right and now semi-retired from SMC pursuing his own art career. Don was always one of the most helpful and encouraging art teachers at that school. He would give an assignment and then say "you can be safe and just carry this out to the letter, or you can go out of bounds. But if you do, it better be good!" Well, I have been going out of the bounds ever since. Besides being a friend to artists, he is the only professor who invited my friends over for dinner and drinks. So well deserved and the best of luck with your career and dreams Don.

Winter 2008 Winner…

This year’s endowment winner was submitted by Stuart Spence, one of last year’s recipients of the award. He has nominated Greg Escalante. Stuart says, “Greg is the most generous person he has ever met. Greg has willingly given his time and connections to make some art project or some artist succeed, without any thought of personal return for himself.” Greg is a collector who buys the “work” not the “name,” which in today’s art world seems to be something very rare. So Greg, we thank you for unselfishly giving your time and consideration to un-know artists and helping make their work know and shown. 

Summer 2007 Winners...


   The first recipient of the endowment is awarded to Thurstan Twigg-Smith who is a collector and patron of the arts, who donated his house for the Contemporary Museum in Honolulu. He actually took the time to answer an unsolicited mailing from me many years ago. Whereas most people would not have been so generous with their time to respond to an unknown artist such as myself. The second reason is that he invited me to his Gallery and treated another artist and myself to lunch. Thanks Thurston, it was a fine lunch and one of the best meals I had while I was in Hawaii.

   The second recipient is Bob Gino at Orlando gallery as he showed my work when no one else would and being an introductory gallery has shown at least two other people I sent in to see him. He has also taken the time to send me cards encouraging my writing besides. The Orlando gallery probably has been the first gallery for hundreds of artists in the Los Angeles area over the years. And well, there just are not enough galleries willing or able to help out the un-known artists. And surviving in the Valley is quite an accomplishment too. So thanks to Bob Gino and Phil Orlando (who is no longer with us).

    The third recipient is Dr. Lew Hunter. Writer, producer and professor at UCLA, were he conducted his Screenwriting 434 course, has encouraged my writing over the years. Even now, after opening a writer's retreat in Nebraska, he takes the time to send me notes of encouragement on my stories. And for years while living here in Burbank he would open his home each month for a gathering, inviting young and old in the field of movies, writing, and screenwriting encouraging them all. In the field of the arts it is refreshing and surprising to find someone who is as open and supportive as Lew. And not once did he criticize me spellin and grammur.

   Thanks Lew, greatly appreciated and not just on the spelling I mean.

Winter 2007 Winners...

   The winter recipients of the Czappa Endowment Award is Ralph Herman, an artist in his own right and patron of the arts. A person who has encouraged artists of all kinds and even threw a birthday party for myself and another artist on one occasion. One of the finest parties I have ever been to. Thanks Ralph.

   Also, an award goes to Stuart and Judy Spence for taking a chance not only on an unknown artist, at one time, but also perhaps the most taxing problematic artist in all of Los Angeles. They befriended and bought this artists work when hardly anyone would and that really is committing an act of art kindness. They also had me over to one of their fine parties besides were I got to see their art collection in person. Thanks Judy and Stuart.



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