Ebay posting service

Items that sell for:

Up to $100.00 we take 50%
$100 to $200.00 we take 45%
$200 to $500 we take 40%
$500 on up, we take 35%

Buyer always pays for shipping.

Included in this price is the following:

We survey the item to see what it might sell for when ever possible. Then we photograph it, post it, describe it, ship it and pay all the fees charged by both Ebay and Paypal. If you want it to be insured that cost comes out of the sellers profit. Other arrangements can also be made.

For instance when you have many of the same item that we can post over and over, the fee can drop, as we only have to post it once and items that can be difficult to ship due to size and packaging may cost more due to the time needed to pack the item or ship it by a cheaper carrier such as Greyhound which can take much longer to drop off.

Reserve auctions.

If you want to do a high reserve first on an item or start the bidding at a high rate then the trial posting charges will be paid by you unless the item sells.

Remember what really gets an item selling for a high price is a bidding war between two of more people. If you start an item too high or with a reserve you can get only one person bidding and thus not make as much. It costs $35.00 to post an item that has a high reserve or high starting price.

What is the advantage of having us post an item?

We have a positive feedback rating of over 3000 so people will buy from us with confidence and thus pay more money for an item. We also have the experience after doing Ebay for over 9 years to know how to maximize the profit on an item.

We have now shipped over 4000 items and know quite a lot about packaging so the item arrives safely.

Craig's list posting

We also will post items for you on Craig's list. We can either take a percentage or do a flat rate. Specially if the items is staying on your property and you will have to allow people to come see it or call you directly. In those cases we charge a flat $35.00 to post an add and re-run it five times for you. There is an additional charge if we have to come to your house to photograph it. Those costs depend on where you live.

This also applies to car trader as well although you will have to also pay the car trader charger for posting the add.

Prices subject to change without notice.
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Exactly as described. Easy pick up. Thanks! May-02-12 17:10
Buyer: mrsv83(83)
Very nice eBayer with fast transaction and nice items. Apr-25-12 21:38
Buyer: flight2cts(101235)

Had a great experience with ARC fixing my 10 year old 50" Mitsubishi rear projection TV. The TV was turning off after brief periods of use and the color was looking a bit muddy....
I service computers but I don't service televisions. A client called me and asked if I could help with his inoperative 55" tv....

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