Computer/Laptop service

We have been servicing computers since they became popular many years ago. We have technicians that are knowledgeable in all facets of computer service. From removing difficult viruses to upgrades.

We do home installation but on many repairs recommend bringing it in, rather than having us pick it up since this can save you both time and money. For instance it is prefferred and time efficient to work on getting rid of a virus by bringing it in since our tech can be working on other things while a diagnostic or repair program is running on your computer, thus keeping costs down.

We work on printers and fax machines. Many just need cleaning. When you have a problem printing always try a new ink cartridge first. Please call for pricing as there are a lot of variables.
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Exactly as described. Easy pick up. Thanks! May-02-12 17:10
Buyer: mrsv83(83)
Very nice eBayer with fast transaction and nice items. Apr-25-12 21:38
Buyer: flight2cts(101235)

Had a great experience with ARC fixing my 10 year old 50" Mitsubishi rear projection TV. The TV was turning off after brief periods of use and the color was looking a bit muddy....
I service computers but I don't service televisions. A client called me and asked if I could help with his inoperative 55" tv....

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